Classic or accessorized, every pool is adapted to personal needs and the architectural and landscape setting of the homes. It also reflects the owner’s taste. Building a swimming pool is a dream for many, but it’s not so difficult to do.

Five advantages to having a private pool

Diving into a swimming pool frees you; it’s pleasant, it’s healthy, it’s…

There are many good reasons for building a private pool. We will list five, and we are sure that they will get you thinking about it.

1. A cure for stress

A place that is all our own for cooling off and relaxing in the summer. Having a pool at home also relieves the stress of having to go somewhere else to jump in the water, especially if it is a crowded public pool.

2. Good for your body

Swimming, as everyone knows, is good for your health. It is an effective and certainly enjoyable physical exercise. And if your body is healthy, it’s good for your mind too!

3. A place for being together

A yard with a swimming pool increases the opportunities for good times to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family.

4. Fun for the little ones

With kids, a good time in the pool is guaranteed. For them it will be a happy way to spend time outdoors, inviting their friends to join them, too.

5. Increases the value of your home

Building a swimming pool is not just an expense; it can be a profitable investment. In fact, it increases the value of a home by 10% to 30%. If you build a swimming pool that is less than 80 square meters, it will not be considered a luxury item.

Pool types

At ICERM we are specialized in the construction of swimming pools, each original and the result of the matching of the owner’s wishes with the advice of our designers. From classic to infinity pools, with mosaic, whirlpool, above ground, indoor, outdoor and bio-pools.

How to build a pool

Today there are many possibilities on the market, along with innovative materials and technologies.

To evaluate which is the right pool for you, we suggest you consider the following aspects:

•           location

•           size

•           shape

•           depth

•           accessories

•           recirculation system

At ICERM we have considerable experience in this area, and we can provide you with a “turnkey” swimming pool, from the legal requirements to the creation of your own wellness oasis.