The old emporium in Sarteano, a Tuscan village between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, has become the new local haunt. It’s the Dopoteatro, the after-theatre dining project of Asia Chirdo and Katia Lysy in the venue renovated by Roberta Morgantini.

All that was needed were three women, an idea and the desire to bring the rooms of the old haunt in Sarteano’s main square back to life. This led to the creation of Enoteca Dopoteatro in this Tuscan village between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. It all began with the restoration by Roberta Morgantini, Sarteano born and bred, whose fascination with the history of this place led her to purchase the venue. The idea of the Dopoteatro came to two friends, Asia Chirdo and Katia Lysy, the former specialised in design for the catering sector and the latter, author and music lover with blue blood in her veins (her ancestors are the Marquises Origo). They were inspired not only by the community Arrischianti Theatre, but also by the venue itself, which once housed the Belardi family’s grocery and wine shop.

Why not give the restoration a modern vibe? Roberta was up for it. No sooner said than done.

Wines, cocktails and delicatessen

Enoteca Dopoteatro is the extension (the name is a give-away) of the restaurant Dopolavoro La Foce, 15 km from Sarteano, also run by Asia and Katia. Enoteca is not just a shop full of good things, it is also full of soul. It’s a coffee shop, bistro and cocktail bar. In summer, you can sit outside in the square and watch the cultural events organised by this buzzing village.

Sarteano welcomed us as only a truly honest village can, and it has been a pleasure to pour wine, welcome our guests and spoil them“, say Asia and Katia in appreciation.

Restoration in remembrance

Enoteca Dopoteatro symbolises the restoration, directed by Roberta Morgantini, of a place full of memories. Restoring it was undoubtedly an honour and a matter of pride for our construction company, Icerm, which has for years specialised in creating state-of-the-art catering venues.

We took great care in our choice of building materials to restore the different areas – Roberta explains – we revealed the brick vaulted ceiling with iron hoop supports to show the wonderful details of historic places like this one. We restored the floor with Tuscan terracotta tiles. The black and white photos of the old emporium on the walls mark the passage of time and give a cosy atmosphere. The arcades overlooking the square have also been cleaned and given a new life.”

Enoteca is ready to reopen its doors with some exciting novelties… Want to know more?!