The 110% Superbonus is just one of the state renovation incentives confirmed for 2022. Significant benefits and savings worth not missing out on.

Many people dream of renovating their home, but oftentimes high costs are an obstacle. The important state incentives for private construction works will continue for 2022. According to Law 234/2021 (Budget Law 2022), at present the bonuses for homes are: Superbonus 100%, Sismabonus, Ecobonus, Facade Bonus, Renovation Bonus 50%, Architectural Barrier Bonus (new for 2022), Green Bonus, Water Bonus, Drinking Water Bonus and Furniture Bonus.

The general deadline is 2024; however, there are differentiated extensions for the Superbonus 110%. For the Facade Bonus, the deduction has been decreased from 90% to 60%, but it remains an excellent opportunity for urban redevelopment. The bureaucratic procedures are in fact more streamlined and have faster implementation times than the Superbonus 110%, which does not always prove to be the best choice among the incentives available.

The advantages of the Facade Bonus

Starting from 2022, the bonus provides for a tax deduction of 60% of the costs incurred for the renovation or restoration of the external facade of existing buildings, without waiting for the 10 years foreseen for use as a tax deduction.

Two aspects are especially important:

– you can opt for the assignment of the tax credit (to suppliers, credit institutions, financial brokers or third parties) or take advantage of a discount on the amount due for the invoice, advanced by the supplier who carried out the works to which the bonus applies;

– unlike the other tax incentives, there is no limit for the maximum deductible amount, nor for the amount of the expenditure.

WHAT CAN BE DONE – Works on the structures of the facade, on balconies or on ornaments and friezes are allowed. Also included are external painting or cleaning works and insulation of the facades of houses located in historic centers, i.e. homogeneous areas A and B for the municipal Regulating Plan (Decree of the Minister of Public Works no.1444 of 1968). Works on internal facades not visible from the street or from the ground for public use instead are not included.

WHO IS ENTITLED – All taxpayers who own the building affected by the works, whether resident in Italy or not, can benefit from it. The bonuses are available for both businesses and private citizens.

So thanks to tax incentives, today you can really renovate your home with significant savings. In addition to the Superbonus 110%, those of us at Icerm recommend that you look into the great opportunities of the other tax bonuses. By fixing up your home, you are taking part in an urban regeneration process that improves the quality of life.

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