Construction of swimming pools

Each of our swimming pools is unique, a product of the wishes of our clients and our designers’ advice. Each swimming-pool designed by ICERM is therefore original and exclusive. A small work of art and technique to be jealously protected.

We create a range of swimming pools, from classical, to rim-flowing, mosaic and Jacuzzi pools, both indoor and outdoor. Finally, we offer natural swimming-pools and above-ground self-supporting pools.

Swimming pools for homes

Simple or sophisticated, each pool is different and perfectly reflects the architectural context of the houses and the style of the owners.
ICERM pools are built on the basis of your wishes and will be your corner of well-being where you can spend pleasant moments in company.
If you want to enrich your home by building a swimming pool in the garden and thus transfer your home in the middle of nature in Tuscany, you are in the right place!

ICERM pools can be indoor and outdoor, hydromassage, heated and covered. The combination of our experience and modern technology will allow you to have a tailor-made swimming pool in line with your needs.
At any time, the pool in your home will be able to offer an “more” that will make every moment special: the dinners organized around it have a very special charm, a midnight swim or a swim at dawn are a wonderful way to end or start a day.

Luxury swimming pools

For your prestigious home, not just a swimming pool but: technology, design and purity of water at the highest levels, heating systems to enjoy your pool in all seasons. Decorative frames such as fountains, waterfalls, jets, water features, plants and rocks, all together or separately to recreate precious and particular settings with a sophisticated lighting system capable of creating a dream atmosphere.

Wellness pools

Hydromassage pools

Whether they are whirlpools, water games or simple swimming pools, ICERM always has the ideal solution for every functional and technical-design need.

Hydromassage pools play a leading role in the architectural contexts of homes and public facilities, where the harmony of shapes blends with constructive and functional needs, creating unique and unrepeatable scenarios.
Whether they are internal or external, public or private, the whirlpools are always tailored to your wishes and needs.

Thermal pools and wellness centers

ICERM is capable of providing all pools with an unparalleled degree of water crystallinity.

The pool must be properly designed and built, to create a harmonious synergy between the water and the person.
Personal care is a ritual moment in the search for this harmony, and water always plays an important role in all activities aimed at this purpose.

The pool is the true center of gravity of the temples dedicated to this divinity called “Wellness”.

Public and hospitality pools

Built in a workmanlike manner with an exclusive design and cutting-edge technologies, inserted in the most varied public and hospitality realities, to make every moment and every activity aimed at relaxation enjoyable.

ICERM is able to provide you with a “turnkey” swimming pool.

By public pools we mean the types of pools that are open to the public and that can be inserted in the most varied realities. The public swimming pool can be thermal, that of a wellness center, a hotel or a farmhouse.
All situations in which several users alternate throughout the day, and for this reason it is necessary that pools be built in line with the strict hygiene and sanitation standards.
Our worldwide experience has brought us to the knowledge of the specific regulations of this sector, and of the regional and national laws that must be followed.

Swimming pools for hotels and accommodation facilities

The swimming pool is the business card that reflects the image of the accommodation, the glance that will capture the attention of your guests.
Customized solutions will characterize the hotel or resort pool, making the experience unique and unforgettable.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, recreational or whirlpool, intended for children or sporting activities, ICERM will help you make the right choices to build customer loyalty and get the best reviews.

Swimming pools for farmhouses and countryhouses

In an environment where the guest seeks contact with nature and the simplicity of things done as in the past, the ICERM pool integrates perfectly as respect for the environment and purity of water are its fundamental characteristics

A swimming pool used by a farmhouse is a swimming pool that must first of all meet the needs of the guests. It must therefore integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment, providing the right comfort to users.
It can be more or less equipped, but it will certainly have to be conceived, designed and built ad hoc in the spirit of the farmhouse. ICERM provides all its expertise, experience and a wide range of products for an exceptional result.