Construction of farmhouses

The countryside of the Val d’Orcia and the south of Tuscany in general is scattered with rustic buildings and farms often in poor condition, state of abandon or have suffered collapses and damage.

These ruins often appear as a few mounds of stones and bricks that represent an opportunity to reinvent by trying to create that magical balance between beauty, respect for the landscape and functionality.

In these cases the renovation that ICERM offers you consists of a real reconstruction.

Depending on your tastes and in respect to the characteristics of each farmhouse, we will work to enhance the traditional style by giving back to your home the “flavour of the past” that always respects the past through the use of the best techniques and the noblest materials.

If instead you love original and innovative solutions you should know that the farmhouses often lend themselves very well to modern reinterpretations of their spaces that always respect the architectural condition and the spirit of the place in which they rise.

Construction of residences, villas and terraced villas

ICERM does not deal only with restorations and renovations but also with new constructions.

We pay the same attention and care in the construction of residences, villas, terraced villas by offering our customers turnkey solutions.

The number of companies that deal with this type of construction is always growing but amongst the many creations those of Impresa Edile ICERM always stand out for the architectural elegance and precision. The result? Unique works of unmistakeable style.

Thanks to the use of specialized workers and the use of avant-garde equipment we guarantee certain delivery times.

Construction of swimming pools

Each of our swimming pools is unique, a product of the wishes of our clients and our designers’ advice. Each swimming-pool designed by ICERM is therefore original and exclusive. A small work of art and technique to be jealously protected.

We create a range of swimming pools, from classical, to rim-flowing, mosaic and Jacuzzi pools, both indoor and outdoor. Finally, we offer natural swimming-pools and above-ground self-supporting pools.

Construction of commercial buildings

The setting up, restoration or restyling of a trade or handcraft center, such as a restaurant, a shop or big areas for handcraft activities are interventions requiring experience, professional and organization skills.

Often these are investment aimed at enhancing the structure from a functional and aesthetic point of view, other times they involve deeper and more complex restorations. In both cases ICERM is ready to offer turnkey solutions, supporting the customer from the base idea to its realization.

ICERM team can work without disturbing anyone working in the structures which cannot stop their activities.