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in Tuscany since 1952


Building construction company
restorations and mintenance with passion we realize your dreams


Our world is made of static calculations and volumetric analysis, choice of materials and masonry skills but, above all, it is made of the dreams and expectations of our clients. The dream of a house, capable of responding to different needs, comfortable and functional and, above all, attractive.


Planning and constructing also entail keeping up with current needs, determined by an ever growing attention towards our own quality of life and that of the people around us. In other words, sustainability, energy saving and environmental impact are the issues that ICERM staff bears in mind when planning a house and its construction.


ICERM was founded in 1952 and since then has specialised in:
construction and renovation of residences and villas in Tuscany,
renovation of farmhouses (casali) in Val d’Orcia,
construction and renovation of houses in the historic city centres of the towns in the province of Siena,
restoration of historic properties and churches with their wall decorations in Tuscany and Umbria.

Our history

The history of the Morgantini family in the field of construction started with Colombo Morgantini, born in 1893, who left his father’s tapestry business and started working in the field of construction, first as stone mason then as master mason.

ICERM construction company was founded in 1952 by the brothers Fabio and Eros Morgantini who, overcoming many obstacles, managed to establish a thriving business. During the ‘70s Mauro joined the business, marking a turning point in the company’s history, from the point of view of organization and innovation, which from being a small family business became a large company.

At the end of the 1980s, the company passed over to Mauro Morgantini who was joined, at the end of the 1990s, by his sons Yuri and Roberta. The company continues its activity mainly in the field of reconstruction, with important jobs on churches, farmhouses and historical buildings.

We restructure the building of your dreams

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